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Framework/Agenda Business Review Meeting


1.    History

2.    Goals/Plans

3.    Current Situation: Financial

4.    Current Situation: Brainstorming

5.    Growth

6.    Coaching/Mentorship

7.    Tax Planning: Business

8.    Tax Planning: Personal

9.    Business Financing

10. Management Information



Description: Royston Parkin logo 2

Framework/Agenda Business Review Meeting

Detail: Not All Areas Can Fit in a Single Meeting. We can focus on YOUR Areas of Concern!

History:                       Personal History- “Why?” in Business

Business History

Past Business Performance


Goals/Plans:              1/3/5 year plans/goals?

Exit Plan

      SMART Goals

      What income is required?


Current Situation:

Financial:       Turnover

GP and GP%

Net Profit

Business Property (Who owns? How?)




Brainstorming:          SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)



Growth:                      Potential Market size/location

Pricing (sensitivity)

Web page

Social Media


Woo Chart


Grading System- Gold/silver/bronze/tin/bin: 80/20

Payment Terms/DD/SO- Cash is Reality

Referral System



Coaching/Mentor      “5 Ways”



Discipline/Plan Implementation

90 Day Planning Spreadsheet

       Default Diary


        Frog List

                                       Growth Accelerator



Tax Planning:


Business:       Business Structure

     Capital Additions: Annual Investment Allowance etc


VAT (Cash Accounting/FRS)

Year End


Personal:       Profit Extraction

Salary v dividend


Benefits in Kind


Other income/rental

Capital Gains Tax

Inheritance Tax


Business Financing:

Where is the Debt?

Bank Finance


Peer to Peer/Crowd Funding

Government Support Loans/Grants



Management Information:


Accounting:   Monthly Management Accounts (Used and Understood?)

Bookkeeping System (Cloud Based?)

    Payroll System RTI/Auto Enrolment

                                    Year End Accounts and tax produced promptly (no surprises!)

Pre Year End Tax Meeting

Forecasting including Cashflow


Production:    Most profitable Products. Do you know?

Systems: (Lean & Mean?)

Staffing (The Right People On The Bus?)

Investment In Technology

“Virtual PA”




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