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Long Term Planning

At Royston Parkin, we have extensive experience in corporate finance and our clients benefit from our sound knowledge and pro-active approach.

We regularly advise on mergers, acquisitions and disposals, and can help you with:

  • Business acquisition and due diligence
  • Business valuation
  • Restructuring and succession planning
  • Remuneration advice
  • Business disposal

We also offer a cradle-to-grave service, offering support and advice through the full life cycle of a business and the people within it:

Start Up

We will help you choose the right structure for your business and ensure that the family, business and other partners are protected. From the start we will focus on how to save tax over the long term.

Buying a Business

We will perform due diligence by searching for hidden liabilities, identifying risks, examining the customer base and verifying claims made by the vendor. We offer sound, impartial advice.

We can also help to obtain finance for the deal and assist in the buying process with our experience gained over 70 years. We can assess the worth of the new business and prepare reports for you and your financiers, whilst maximising tax relief to ensure the lowest net cost to you.

Managing a Business

Royston Parkin can provide a selection of tools to help you manage your business. We can monitor the performance and financial structures of the business through benchmarking and financial reports.

We can you manage your people and the various financial incentives (such as share plans and bonuses) to motivate them.
By identifying key performance indicators we show you how to monitor the performance of the business, whilst saving you money on tax and  helping you reduce costs/overheads.

We offer regular advice and support over the long-term.

We like to meet our clients on a regular basis to build a close relationship and continually help them improve performance.
We can also advise on maximising income, minimising tax and the extraction of profit, pension funds, dividends and trusts.

Sale of a Business

We can provide valuations of the business, and help you optimise sale proceeds.

Our experience with financial vehicles such as trusts, pensions and share plans, can help minimise capital gains tax and leave you with as much of the proceeds as possible.

Transfer To Second and Third Generations of Family

We know how important it is to protect businesses that have passed through generations of family. We can prevent tax loss and protect family members who are not involved in the business, and protect the business from non-involved family.

The key to our service is that we listen to you, the client.

Having all of our experience is no use to anyone if the advice we give is not right for you. Which is why we match our service to the your goals, so that we can succeed together!

Tax Planning

Long Term Planning

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