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Grant Advice

Grants and loans can provide a means of accelerating business growth or funding a project which has clear business benefits. So, why do you need grant advice? 

They can also be a life-line to SMEs, particularly during tough economic periods.

At any one time a wide range of grants and loans may be available, with new schemes being introduced on an on-going basis.

Help is available through many government and non-government sources, while loan finance and guarantees can be sought from government sources.

But it can difficult, and time-consuming, for businesses to determine exactly what is available, from where, and what they may be eligible for.

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The team at Royston Parkin ensure that we are up to date with what is available and we know how to help you present the best case to make sure you win the support you are eligible for.

Royston Parkin could provide support for your business which is part or completely funded by the government.

As a general rule, new schemes are available based on key areas/priorities recognised by the government as suitable for investment and can include: