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Corporate Services including Planning & Coaching

Business planning is essential if you are to maximise the profit and growth potential of your business.

Royston Parkin encourages our clients to develop and follow a well constructed plan, with regular review meetings to adjust the plan according to circumstances and to take advantage of new opportunities.

An integral part of good business planning is to measure the key performance indicators, since what you can measure you can aim to improve upon. Royston Parkin can assist in assessing your company’s systems and processes and implement reporting systems which highlight the good, the bad and the ‘could do better’ – enabling you to continually build on the strengths of your business whilst minimising the risks of its weaknesses.

Aside from having a good plan and the systems in place to help you implement it, it’s also a valuable to have someone alongside you who can encourage you to take a step back from the ‘day job’ and assist you in working on the business, not in it.

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